For University Sisters of Assumption formation is on-going and a call for discipleship, a life of constant openness and readiness to be formed. It is for us the process of listening to the invitation of Christ where he said ‘’go therefore make disciples of all nations’’ (Matt 28:19). Therefore, the formation of the University Sisters of Assumption should expose the Sisters to the selfless services of themselves, youths and the people of God at large (Can 659 & 2; Vita Consecrata Nos. 65 & 68).


The purpose of aspirancy is to introduce the aspirant to learn about the Congregation, and the Congregation learns about her – a mutual learning experience. Candidates aspiring to join the Congregation, but who are still at the University or Higher Institutions should be in regular contact with the Directress of vocation


​The postulancy is that stage of initial formation which precedes and prepares for entry into the novitiate. It has its own organization distinct from that of the novitiate (Can 597 & 2). ​The postulancy offers the candidate the means to continue to mature as a person and to enrich her faith, so that she can discern how authentic her vocation to the university Sisters of Assumption life is. It brings to maturity her decision to enter the novitiate by allowing her to experience for the first time the Congregation, Religious Community and Apostolic life (John 1:46; Vat II Renewal of Religious Life No.4).


​The novitiate is a unique and important stage in the process of being initiated into the religious life and spirit of the University Sisters of Assumption (Can 646). Novices should understand and make their own the spirit of the Congregation. Growth in this spirit continues during the entire life of the sisters and extends to every dimension of their lives (Can 646).To be validly admitted to the novitiate, the candidate must have completed her twenty first (21st) year of age and be free of any canonical impediment without prejudice. (Can 643).


​By Religious Profession, the Sisters make a public vow to observe the three Evangelical Counsels. Through the ministry of the Church, they are consecrated to God and are incorporated into the Congregation with rights and duties defined by the Law (Can 654 & 598).