Youth Apostolate

The Congregation is concerned above all for the Human and Christian Educational Counselling Services to students, especially those at the Universities and other Higher Institutions. The Guidance and Counselling Educational policies are centered on the students, and adopted to the University setting where they live. These services are designed to prepare them to take their place in the society, and to recognize their dignity as human beings and God’s people. Sisters will explore various dimensions of counselling for specialization. When Sisters counsel, they put emphasis on the importance of persons, choosing their methods accordingly (Can 677 & 1; Vita Consecrata No: 25; Divini illus magistri: Christian Education of the youth Dec. 31, 1929, pg 59).

The sisters consider their professional work as a ministry. They are attentive to each of their students in their accepting and trusting relationship, especially to those mostly in need. They make themselves available to all in an attitude of brotherly and sisterly companionship, helping them to discover, appreciate and assimilate both human and gospel values. The sisters help these students to grow and develop through counselling as persons who are called to realize more that they are children of God (Vita Consecrata No. 32).