The word of God is powerful that it always achieves its purpose (Is 55:11). God created the whole world through the power of His word. Every word spoken by God came to be. He promised Abraham that his descendants will be as many as the stars of heaven and as the sand on the seashore, and so it is (Gen 15:15). When God made the promise to Abraham, he swore by His own self (Heb 6:13).

God promised the Israelites that He will send them a prophet like Moses, and that He will put His word in the mouth of the Prophet (Debut 18:18). Jesus speaking to the Samaritan Woman said, "...I am He", (John 4:26). God also said that the Prophet-Messiah would suffer, and through His wounds sin will be forgiven and healing will come (Is 53:5), and so it is.

The word is fulfilled in our prayers and our declarations because Scripture says that those to whom the word of God has been sent, they are gods (John 10:34-35). However, there is a basic condition for this. We must break away from sin; we must purify ourselves both in body and in spirit (2 For 7:1).

In addition, we must make the word our own. We do this by developing a great love for the Holy Scriptures. Therefore, we must believe the word, read the word, pray the word and proclaim the word. We must befriend our Bible and carry it about. In the words of our grand Father Founder, St John Baptist De LA Salle, " they shall have a most profound respect for the Holy Scriptures, and in proof thereof, they shall always carry the New Testament about them, and pass no day without reading some of it through a sentiment of faith, respect and veneration for the divine word therein contained, looking upon it as their first and principal rule (Common Rule of the Brothers of the Christian Schools, Manuscript Copy, 1718).

Further, our Father Founder, Rev. Br Prof. Anselm Uba, FSC asked is to read the Bible first thing in the morning and last thing at night since first and last thing in the day make lasting Impressions.

If we read the Scriptures as we have been enjoined, the Holy Spirit will teach us the complete truth as the Lord promised (John 24:45).

In conclusion, the word is efficacious, that is, it serves what it is sent to do. So, we are challenged to pick up and read, love the word, pray the word and share the word. Surely, the Lord Jesus will reveal Himself (John 14:21) and the fruit will become manifest.

Peace Be With You.